Unstable Unicorns Facts

Unstable Unicorns: The Facts You Need To Know

Have you heard about the amazing card game that is unstable unicorns? 

Unstable unicorns is a well known kickstarter hit that lets you build an army of unicorns in order to destroy to destroy your opponents and reign victorious. The game is designed for both casual and competitive gamers alike. 

And don’t let the unicorns fool you… the game isn’t just for girls! 


Is Unstable Unicorns a Good Game? 


Unstable unicorns is undoubtedly a great game for people who love a simple to learn yet fun and tactical game. It is good for all ages and is an effortless card game that can be played wherever you are. A huge advantage of the game is that it can be played with large groups of people or just two players. 

Unstable unicorns is a deck building card game in which players race to collect the required number of unicorns in their stable whilst using them and their powers to destroy their opponents. In a 2 to 5 person game players must have 7 unicorns in their stable to win the game, however in a 6 to 8 player game you are only required to collect 6 unicorns. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Hard To Play? 


The concept of the game is very straight forward and simple to learn. A players basic turn consists of drawing and playing a card. Most of the cards have their rules and special abilities written on them which players can easily follow along with. 

The only difficulty is knowing when a special ability can be played but once the game has been played a few times it becomes even easier to understand. I also wrote a guide here explaining some of the common questions regarding the rules when playing unstable unicorns:

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How Long Does It Take To Play Unstable Unicorns?


This is really dependant on the number of players that are playing the game. If you are playing with a small number of players then the game will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. For larger groups of up to 8 people, the game could take up to 60 minutes to complete. 


Can You Play Unstable Unicorns With 2 Players?


Yes it is possible to play unstable unicorns with 2 players however you do need to remove the following cards to make the game more even:

  • All Basic Unicorns 
  • Queen Bee Unicorn 
  • Rainbow Unicorn 
  • Seductive Unicorn
  • Mother Goose Unicorn 
  • Necromancer Unicorn 
  • Sadistic Ritual 
  • Nanny Cam
  • Yay!
  • Slowdown 

Once you have removed these cards, take two neigh cards and give one to each of the players. After that, shuffle the remaining deck and deal 5 cards to each player. This gives both players 6 cards in their hand in total to begin playing the game as you usually would. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Fun With Two Players?


Although unstable unicorns is undoubtedly a great game, playing a two player game can sometimes feel quite unbalanced even after removing the recommended cards from the deck. Playing in a larger group is definitely a lot more enjoyable. This being said, also removing the double dutch and rainbow aura card from a two player game can make it much more fun to play. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Like Exploding Kittens? 


Unstable Unicorns and exploding kittens are both beautifully illustrated card games that require skill and strategy in order to beat your opponents. While unstable unicorns is a game which lets you build an army of unicorns and use them to destroy your opponents, exploding kittens requires you to avoid being blown up but tactically force your opponents to explode.

Both are very fun games to play for all the family, whether it be in a large group or 2 players. 


Can a 12 Year Old Play Unstable Unicorns? 


A 12 year old can definitely play unstable unicorns. The game manufacturers have stated that unstable unicorns is suitable for children age 8+. The simplicity of the game makes it very easy for children to follow. For children that are younger than this, there is also an unstable unicorns kids edition available to buy. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Family Friendly?


Unstable unicorns is certainly very family friendly and designed for family members of all ages. It’s a simple to learn, effortless card game with fun artwork to keep children engaged. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Inappropriate?


The original unstable unicorns base game is not at all inappropriate and is designed to be played by children from the age of 8. The game contains humorous artwork and playful characters. However, don’t  get this confused with the unstable unicorns NSFW (not safe for work) edition. This edition is highly inappropriate for children and should only be played by over eighteens. 


What Is NSFW Unstable Unicorns?


NSFW Unstable unicorns is a new version of the original base game that has been created for adults. It is the same strategic card game however the names of the cards have been revamped to be naughty and very rude. The game also comes with an optional set of drinking rules. 


How Many Expansion Packs Are There In Unstable Unicorns? 


There are currently seven different expansion packs available in unstable unicorns, they are: 

You need to have the base game before you add in an expansion pack.


Can You Play Unstable Unicorns With All Expansions? 


You can play unstable unicorns with all expansion packs but this will make the game significantly longer to play. The deck will also become quite large and harder to shuffle. For the best gameplay it is recommended that one or two expansion packs are played at one time. 

If you do decide to combine the game with all of the expansion packs I would recommend this card shuffler to help dealing the cards easier. 

Can You Play Llamas Unleashed With Unstable Unicorns?

Although llamas unleashed is a totally separate base game, it is possible to play llamas unleashed with unstable unicorns. When combining the games together the aim of the game is to get 4 unicorns and 4 animal cards in your stable. Playing these games together does make it harder however it’s a fun variation to the gameplay.


Is Llamas Unleashed The Same As Unstable Unicorns?


Llamas unleashed and unstable unicorns are both similar and based on the same innovative concept. Both games have the same turn structure and creative artwork. With llamas unleashed the aim of the game is to be the first player to get 7 animals in your field. In unstable unicorns the goal is to be the first player to get 7 unicorns in your stable.

Is Unstable Unicorns Made By Exploding Kittens?


Unstable unicorns isn’t made by exploding kittens. Unstable unicorns is the brain child of creator Ramy Badie, who started a kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to fund production of the game. As a result, Ramy ended up raising nearly $2 million and made the game a worldwide success. Exploding Kittens is the work of game designer Elan Lee and artist Matthew Inman. Similarly, they too started a kickstarter campaign and went on to become the most backed kickstarter campaign of all time raising a massive $8.7 million. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Better Than Exploding Kittens? 


Without a doubt both unstable unicorns and exploding kittens are amazing games, they wouldn’t be in the top ten kickstarter campaigns if they weren’t. 

If you are looking for the game with the most strategy then unstable unicorns is your winner. 

If you are looking for fun, shorter, more tense game then exploding kittens would be better. 


Can You Play Unstable Unicorns Online? 


Yes you can play unstable unicorns online. The game can be played virtually on table top simulator. This is available on their website and also on Steam. 


Is Unstable Unicorns Worth It?


Unstable unicorns is definitely worth it. The game is innovative and fun for all ages. It combines luck and strategic gameplay with beautifully humorous designed game cards. The game is easy to learn and gameplay is fairly quick. Combined with the various expansion packs the excitement of the game never gets boring.