Does The Monopoly Man Have A Monocle? The Shocking Truth!

There is quite a lot of controversy as to whether the monopoly man wears a monocle. In fact some people vividly remember seeing the monopoly man wearing a monocle. Which leads us to question.. Does the monopoly man have a monocle? 

The truth is that the monopoly man has never had a monocle or eyeglass. In fact he doesn’t wear glasses at all. A monocle is widely associated with the monopoly guy yet he has actually never worn one and was never created having one since the launch of the first monopoly board game back in 1936.

I imagine now you are probably thinking

Surely the monopoly man has a monocle?!

I remember Mr. Monopoly with a monocle!

If you remember the monopoly man wearing a monocle then you have had first hand experience with the Mandela effect but I will get into that later in the article. 


Why do we remember the monopoly man has a monocle?


Ok so if the monopoly man never had a monocle, why does everyone think that the monopoly man had a monocle? 

Some people think this is to do with the film Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. In the film there is a scene with a character resembling Rich Uncle Pennybags, the monopoly man and he is in fact wearing a monocle. In the scene ace Ventura refers to the character as the monopoly guy and thanks him for the free parking.

Obviously this isn’t proof that the monopoly guy did wear a monocle but it shows that many people thought he did! 

Another reason why people think that we remember the monopoly man with an eyeglass is because we are confusing him with the character Mr. Peanut, the planters mascot. The monopoly man and Mr. Peanut are similar in the fact that they both wear top hats and have a cane. Mr. Peanut did actually wear a monocle though. 

A very questionable theory suggests that the use of ‘Mono’ in the name Monopoly leads us to believe that rich uncle moneybags did have a monocle. 

monopoly man monocle

What accessory does the monopoly mascot rich uncle pennybags wear? 


Rich uncle pennybags, the mascot of monopoly was modelled on the appearance of J.P. Morgan. He wore a white handlebar moustache, suit with a bow tie, black top hat and carried a cane. Unbelievably he has never worn a monocle, contrary to what people have been lead to believe. 


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Does the Monopoly man ever have an eye glass?


Theorists believe that the monopoly man did in fact have a monocle in earlier years but was stripped of the monocle in later updates of the game. This is simply not the case. Mr. Monopoly hasn’t ever worn a monocle since he was first introduced on the chance cards in the first ever edition of monopoly back in 1936. 

It is easy to find pictures of the monopoly man wearing a monocle online, however these are pictures that people have created themselves to convince people that he did actually wear one. These images might even convince you that your memory is real but no official monopoly images have ever shown him wearing any eyewear. 

Don’t believe it? Have a rummage around your home for some old monopoly games and have a look for yourself, I guarantee you won’t find a picture of Mr Monopoly wearing a monocle in any of them. 



Monopoly man monocle proof 


Some speculators believe they have found proof in newspaper articles that the monocle on the monopoly man did exist. 

I have dug out some of the archives that they are referring to so you can see for yourself. 

 If you look at Page 5 of this newspaper from 2000 it clearly states the following:

‘Players wore the tuxedo tails of Mr. Monopoly, the game’s trademark figure, and an actual Mr. Monopoly with the bushy white mustache and monocle looked on.’ 

 Another example to prove the monopoly man monocle is on Page 70 of this newspaper from 2006. It quotes:

‘Mr. Monopoly, the game’s monocled mascot, survives, his top hat one of the few items that remain after Hasbro’s extensive makeover.’ 

 Lastly if you look at Page 52 of this newspaper from 2007 it states:

‘The monocled capitalist who represents this game of real estate mastery has long been a household figure.’

Does this really prove that the monocle on the Mr. Monopoly really did exist? Or were the journalists that wrote these articles victims of the Mandela effect? 


The Monopoly man monocle and the Mandela effect. 


The monopoly man has striking characteristics of a 20th century aristocrat. These stereotypes are strongly associated with monocles, Mr. monopoly would definitely not look out of place wearing one. 

The fact that so many people all over the world believe him to have worn such eyewear when in actual fact he did not is an instance of the Mandela effect. 


What is the Mandela effect? 


The Mandela effect is an unusual instance that multiple people share the same false memory or remember something contrary to how it occurred. 


Why is it called the Mandela effect?


It was named the Mandela effect by Fiona Broome in 2009 in reference to her false memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980’s. He actually when on to become the first black president of South Africa between 1994 and 1999 and later died in 2013 at the age of 95.


Other examples of the Mandela effect


There have been various examples of the Mandela effect from over the years, here are some of them: 

  • Jif vs Jiffy. Many people swear that the peanut butter was actually named Jiffy but in reality it was just named Jif. 
  • We are the champions, the famous Queen song. Millions of people recall lead singer Freddie Mercury singing ‘of the world’ at the end of the song when actually the song ends ‘No time for losers because we are the champions’.
  • Star Wars. The iconic line in the film is the most misremembered in film history. The line ‘Luke I am your father’ said by Darth Vader was in actual fact just ‘No I am your father’. 
  • Forrest Gump. People are convinced that Tom Hanks’ line was ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ when it actually turns out the line was ‘life was like a box of chocolates’ Who knew! 
  • Cheez-It or Cheez-Itz? The tasty cheese cracker snacks are actually just called Cheez-It contrary to what people believe. 
  • Patrick Swayze. The star of Dirty Dancing passed away in 2009 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, however people vividly remember him beating cancer and recovering. 
  • Curious George’s Tail. Think back to your childhood or reminisce watching Curious George with your own children, Did Curious George have a tail? Well in fact he did not have a tail and never has! 
  • Gremlins. The unforgettable movie Gremlins has fans confused as the evil Gremlin ‘Spike’ was actually called ‘Stripe’.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Do you remember the Disney classic? Do you remember the famous line ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’? Well the actual line in the film is ‘Magic mirror on the wall’ 
  • Skechers. People are convinced that the popular brand is spelt ‘Sketchers’ but it actually doesn’t have a T in the name. 




It is possible that our brains associate monocles with top hats and handlebar moustaches so greatly that our mental image of the monopoly man impulsively causes us to picture him wearing a monocle. Or maybe it’s the fact that we have seen so many unofficial pictures of him wearing a monocle that we refuse to believe that the official monopoly man in reality did never wear a monocle. 

Is your mind blown? 

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!