14 Facts About The Monopoly Man That Will Leave You Stunned

The Monopoly man or Mr. Monopoly as he was renamed in 1999 has been the iconic mascot of the board game Monopoly since he was introduced on chance cards in 1936.

But how well do we know the famous household character? Here are the facts that you didn’t know…


What is Mr. Monopoly’s first name?


Mr. Monopoly’s first name is actually Milburn, his full name being Milburn Pennybags. However the top hat wearing mascot is most commonly known as Rich Uncle Pennybags or very simply Rich Uncle. Milburn was first revealed as Mr. Monopoly’s first name in the book The Monopoly Companion written by Philip Orbanes which was originally released back in 1988.


Is Mr. Monopoly Married?


Yes Mr. Monopoly is married and his lady wife is named Madge. This was confirmed in the book Monopoly the worlds most famous game and how it got that way, a book written by Philip Orbanes who is a former Parker Brothers Vice President.

It has also been confirmed that Mr. Monopoly has two nephews and a niece. His nephews are named Randy and Andy, his niece is called Sandy.


What does the Monopoly Man do?


The Monopoly Man makes his fortunes through real estate investing, financing railroads and organizing electric and water supplies. He has even been known to compete in the odd beauty pageant from time to time!

Mr. Monopoly is said to have graduated from the university of Pennsylvania and later made his billions in his hometown of Atlantic City.


Who has more money Scrooge Mcduck or the Monopoly Man?


Despite both Scrooge McDuck and the Monopoly man being extremely wealthy, Scrooge McDuck’s Billions overshadow the riches of the Monopoly Man. In the latest Forbes report Scrooge McDuck is worth a massive $65.4 Billion in gold coins compared to the mere $1.2 Billion of the Monopoly Man.

Even though the Monopoly man’s fortunes have fluctuated over the years he has never succeeded to surpass Scrooge McDuck’s enormous net worth.


How much money does the Monopoly Man have?


The Monopoly Man’s fortune has ever changed over the years. According to the first time he appeared on the Forbes Fictional 15 list he was worth $7.1 Billion which dramatically differs from the latest report in 2013 by declining $5.9 billion.

Year Position Net Worth
2006 6 $7.1 Billion
2008 15 $800 Million
2011 9 $2.6 Billion
2012 10 $2.5 Billion
2013 13 $1.2 Billion

The Forbes fictional 15 ran from 2002 to 2013 and the Monopoly Man on made it onto the list 5 times throughout the years.

We haven’t had an update on Mr. Monopoly’s wealth since 2013 but with the rising house prices this year I am sure he would at least make the top 5.


How is Ms. Monopoly related to Mr. Monopoly?


Ms. Monopoly is actually Mr. Monopoly’s niece! Ms. Monopoly was introduced to the Monopoly game in 2019. The pretty brunette is described as a self made investment guru designed to celebrate female inventors and entrepreneurs.

Ms Monopoly’s first name has not been officially confirmed however we assume that the newly launched character is named Sandy, the niece we already knew that Mr. Monopoly had.


Did the Monopoly Man ever have a monocle?


Contrary to popular belief, the Monopoly Man has never worn a monocle or eyeglass. In fact he has perfect 20/20 vision. A monocle is extensively associated with the monopoly man yet he has actually never worn one or was ever created having one since his first appearance on the chance cards back in 1936.

A reason why people think that we remember the monopoly man with an eyeglass is because we are confusing him with the character Mr. Peanut, the planters mascot.

If you remember the Monopoly man wearing a monocle then you have had first hand experience with the occurrence named the Mandela effect.

The Mandela effect is a term used to describe an unusual instance where many people share the same false memory or remember something contrary to how it occurred.

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Is the Monopoly guy the Pringles guy?


In spite of the unquestionable resemblance between the Monopoly Guy and the Pringles Guy they are admittedly not the same person, they are totally separate characters. The Monopoly guy named Milburn Pennybags is understood to be aged between 60 and 80 whereas the Pringles guy titled Julius Pringles is age 54.

This theory has been confirmed by the official Monopoly Uk Twitter page that Milburn Pennybags and Julius Pringles are separate individuals.


Are the Pringles and Monopoly Guy related?


Yes! The Pringles guy and the Monopoly guy are related, they are actually distant cousins twice removed. With their bold bushy moustaches, red bow tie and noticeably rounded faces the similarities are unmistakable. Other family members include the Monopoly guy’s wife Madge, his two nephews Randy and Andy and his niece Sandy.

This unexpected family connection has recently been confirmed by the Pringles official Twitter page.


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Is the Monopoly guy J.P. Morgan?


According to Philip Orbanes who is a former Parker Brothers Vice President, the Monopoly guy is modelled on the American banker J.P. Morgan. Morgan dominated the finance industry on Wall Street and led the formations of many multi national corporations such as U.S. Steel and General Electric.

Similarly to the Monopoly guy, Morgan wore a striking suit, black top hat and thick moustache.

Other claims are that the Monopoly man was inspired by the German born, American investment banker Otto Khan.


Who played the Monopoly guy in Ace Ventura?


Michael Reid MacKay is the actor who played the monopoly guy in ace Ventura. In the film Ace Ventura when nature calls there is a scene with a character named McGuire who resembles Mr. Monopoly. In the scene Ace Ventura, played by Jim Carey refers to the character as the Monopoly Guy and thanks him for the free parking.

Michael has had roles in other films such as Insidious Chapter 3, X Men 2, The Monster Squad and most famously Seven.


Who is the voice of Mr. Monopoly?


A few different actors have voiced Mr. Monopoly in the variety board games and interactive games on the Market. The voice behind Monopoly party is Tony Pope. Tony Waldman voiced the Monopoly Junior game and the voice for the Monopoly Junior video game was Dean Hagopian. Wendell Johnson starred as the voice of the top hat wearing icon in Monopoly plus.


When did they change the Monopoly Man?


Rich Uncle Pennybags as he was known was renamed as Mr. Monopoly back in 1999. His appearance hasn’t changed over the years, he is still a well dressed, top hat wearing old man with a bold moustache. He was never stripped of a monocle as he wasn’t depicted with one when he was first introduced.


Does the Monopoly Man have a cane?


Yes, along with his black top hat accessory the Monopoly man also carries a cane. He however did not carry this as an aid to help him walk. Many men in the 20th century would carry a cane for self defense or as a fashion accessory to demonstrate their wealth and the Monopoly man is no exception.

And we all know, Mr. Monopoly isn’t short of a dollar or two!




The Monopoly man has led quite the exciting life with with such an interesting history and astonishing family tree.

Even though he is so famous, there were so many things we didn’t know about him.