The Monopoly Man And Pringles Man – The Astonishing Facts You Need To Know

Were you wondering about the similarities between the monopoly man and the Pringles man? Without a doubt they do bear a striking resemblance to one another. 

Are they the same person? Could they be brothers? Is the Pringles man a secret son or maybe a nephew of the monopoly man?

Let’s find out… 


Is the Monopoly guy the Pringles guy?


Although there is a distinct similarity between the monopoly guy and the Pringles guy they are in fact not the same person. The monopoly guy is named Milburn Pennybags and is believed to be around 60 to 80 years old however the Pringles guy is named Julius Pringles and is 54 years old. 

The Pringles guy has even undergone a recent make over which has seen him lose his hair which mirrors the latest images of the monopoly guy rich uncle pennybags. 

It has been confirmed by the official Monopoly Uk Twitter page that Rich Uncle Pennybags and Julius Pringles are separate characters.

So if they are not the same person, are they related? 


Are the Monopoly guy and Pringles guy related? 


Although the monopoly guy and the Pringles guy do have a unquestionable resemblance, it had not been confirmed or denied that they are related until recently.

The official Pringles Twitter page have actually confirmed that the Monopoly guy and the Pringles guy are distant cousins twice removed. 

This has not been confirmed or denied my the official Monopoly page. 

It has however been confirmed that the Monopoly man does have a wife named Madge, a niece named Sandy and two nephews called Randy and Andy but that’s as far as the family tree goes according to Monopoly. 


Who is the Pringles man? 


The Pringles man is the Pringles mascot, most popularly known as Julius Pringles. This well groomed character with a bold moustache has been the face of Pringles since the late 1960s and character was invented by Lewis R. Dixon. 

This character has undergone many cosmetic changes over the years such as having his rosy red cheeks removed in 1996 and the addition of a bow tie in 2002. The latest revamp of the Mr. Pringles design has seen him loose his hair and adopt a more emoji style look. 

Even though the Pringles guy has endured all of these changes he is still a recognizable mascot all over the world.


Why does the Pringles man have a moustache? 


The Pringles man actually has a moustache because he was designed to incorporate the shape of the crisps within his image. His moustache is actually the silhouette of a crisp! Don’t believe me? Take a look.


Who is the Monopoly man? 


The Monopoly man, better known as Rich Uncle Pennybags has been the official mascot of the board game Monopoly since 1936. He is illustrated as a top hat wearing old man with a white handlebar moustache. Contrary to what some people  believe, he does not wear a monocle.

The author of the book the Monopoly companion has corroborated that the image of the Monopoly man was modelled after the banker J.P. Morgan and that his actual name is Milburn Pennybags. Other claims are that the Monopoly man was inspired by the German born, American investment banker Otto Khan. 

On the latest Forbes Fictional character rich list Mr. Monopoly came in at number 13 with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion. Scrooge McDuck came in at number 1 with a massive $65.4 billion estimated net worth.


Monopoly man vs Pringles man 


The monopoly man and the Pringles man have a number of distinct similarities. The most obvious one being that they both wear a bold bushy moustache, the Monopoly mans moustache being white and on latest images the Pringles man being black. I suppose this is to be expected due to the age difference. 

They both sport a red bow tie, although the Pringles man didn’t start wearing one until his 2002 makeover. The pair have have noticeably rounded faces and now after the Pringles guy 2021 revamp they both have a lack of hair.

Is this enough evidence to lead us to believe that they are actually cousins twice removed? It definitely seems plausible.


Does the Pringles guy have a monocle? 


Many people believe that they vividly remember the Pringles guy wearing a monocle. 

The truth is, the Pringles Guy has never worn a a monocle or eyeglass since he was introduced back in the late 1960s. In fact he doesn’t wear glasses at all.

So if he never wore a monocle, why do we remember him doing so?

If you remember the Pringles man wearing a monocle then you have had first hand experience with a phenomenon called the Mandela effect. 

The Mandela effect is an unusual instance that multiple people share the same false memory or remember something contrary to how it occurred.


Does the Monopoly man wear a monocle? 


In addition to believing that the Pringles man wore a monocle many people all over the world believe that the monopoly man wore a monocle.

The unbelievable truth is that the monopoly man has never had a monocle or eyeglass. In fact he doesn’t wear glasses at all. A monocle is widely associated with the monopoly man yet he has actually never worn one and was never created having one since the launch of the first monopoly board game back in 1936.

Maybe this is due to the fact that the Monopoly man resembles the image of a 20th century aristocrat and let’s face it, a monocle wouldn’t look out of place. 

Or could this simply be another case of the Mandela effect?

Theorists claim that they have found evidence to prove that he did at one point wear a monocle, unfortunately though this is simply not the case.


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There are many conspiracy theories online regarding the Monopoly guy but even though the Pringles guy and the Monopoly guy are not the same person it is fascinating to discover after all this time that they are in fact related. 

I wonder if Mr. Peanut the Planters mascot is a missing link in this bizarre family tree?