Exploding kittens is an award winning, super popular card game from Matthew Inman and Elan Lee. The aim of the game is to play strategically to blow up your opponents whilst avoiding being blown up yourself.

After the success of the original game the creators have released some expansion packs which are Imploding kittens, streaking kittens and barking kittens to make the game play even more fun and to make it possible for more players to join in the game.

**Are you playing the original game? I covered the confusion of some of the original rules in an article here.

Let’s take a look at some of the rules you need to know before playing the expansion packs:


Can you nope a targeted attack?


Yes you can nope a targeted attack. The difference between a normal attack and a targeted attack is that you can choose any player to target as apposed to attacking the person who’s go it is next.

If you play a targeted attack on a player and they show you a nope card then this effectively cancels out your targeted attack and the play automatically comes back to yourself.


What is a super skip?


A super skip is a powerful card that lets a player end their turn without having to draw a card from the deck. The great thing about a super skip is that if you have been a victim of multiple attacks, playing a super skip card will end all of your turns and not just the one turn.


Can you nope a super skip?


Yes any player can nope a super skip. If this happens then the super skip card is cancelled and the original player of the super skip card would have to proceed to take their remaining turn(s).

For example, if player 1 plays and attack card, then player 2 plays a super skip card, player 1 can nope this card and player 2 would have to proceed to take their two remaining turns from the attack.


Can you nope a catomic bomb?


Yes you can nope any card except an exploding kitten card or defuse card. However to nope a catomic bomb you have to play the nope quickly, if the player has already seen any cards in the deck then the nope card cannot be played.


What does the barking kitten do in exploding kittens?


The barking kitten card gives a player an opportunity to steal half of another players cards and swap them with their own cards. You must have both of the barking kitten cards to be able to do this. 

If you get two barking kitten cards you must play them together and chose any player to steal cards from. The player who is being stolen from chooses the cards that they want to give away and then the other player chooses which cards they are going to keep and swap with their own cards.

If you only have one barking kitten, you can choose to play it by placing it face down in front of you and asking the other players if they have the other barking kitten card. If one of the other players has this card then they become your target and you are able to steal and swap half of their cards.

If no other player has the other barking kitten card then the card must be left face up in front of you. Once someone eventually draws the other barking kitten card, you will automatically become their target.


How does the tower of power work in barking kittens?


The tower of power card in barking kittens protects a player from having their cards stolen. When a player plays the tower of power card they must wear the tower of power crown, take the stash cards and place them inside the crown. Whilst wearing the crown players cannot steal cards from your hand, instead they must blindly take a card from the crown instead. 


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Can you hold an imploding kitten with a streaking kitten?


No you cannot hold an imploding kitten with a streaking kitten. Streaking kittens have no effect on imploding kittens. If you draw a face up imploding kitten then you implode and are out of the game. Streaking kittens however can allow you to hold one exploding kitten in your hand.

But watch out! If someone steals the streaking kitten from your hand you will explode if you cannot defuse the streaking kitten.


Can you bury an imploding kitten?


Yes you can bury an imploding kitten. Just remember when you are secretly putting it back in the deck that you have to place it back in the orientation that it was drawn whether it be face up or face down.

However you cannot play a bury card if you have an ‘l’ll take that’ card in front of you. 


What does the imploding kitten do?


The imploding kitten works a little like an exploding kitten with a slight twist. An imploding kitten cannot be defused. If an imploding kitten is drawn from the deck for the first time it must be placed back in the deck anywhere the player likes and face up. If a player has no choice but to draw a face up exploding kitten then they automatically implode and are out of the game.

The imploding kitten expansion also allows an extra player to play compared to the main game. 


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Where do you put imploding kittens?


If an imploding kitten is drawn from the deck for the first time it can be placed back in the deck wherever the player chooses, face up. If a player has no alternative but to draw a face up imploding kitten then they implode and are out of the game. The imploding kitten should be then placed in the discard pile.


How many times can you use the streaking kitten?


The streaking kitten can only be used for one exploding kitten at a time. If a player was to draw a second exploding kitten when they are already holding an exploding kitten and streaking kitten in their hand they must defuse it or they will explode and be out of the game.


What does the mark card do in exploding kittens?


A player can use a mark card against any of the other players to make them reveal one of the cards in their hand to all players for the duration of the game. A marked card can be stolen if necessary and a player can have several marked cards in their hand at any one time.


Imploding, Barking and Streaking Kittens: 12 Rules You Should Know


I hope this article has helped defuse an explosion in your household 😆

If you have a question about the original exploding kittens game check out this article here.

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